Day Two if the Great Release 2012

Hello, had such a busy day. Up at 05:00am – school, work – only got home at 19:10… Unpacking from my sons hostel year end… It’s been raining like crazy in JHB, RSA…..I did the invocation his morning’ unfortunately no LBRP or the sea of possibilities …. But that’s all I managed .. I got camphorated oil, oranges and lemons …. My intention was just do the entrance and the door …. Can. Use the camphorated oil, instead of the clove oil? … I will try again this weekend… My question – how would I do this being a working mum? .. Work is hectic! Blessed be Verny ….oh, ps – you are amazing! Thank you for being who you are – I have learnt so much from your books, and your journey …. Lots of love


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